Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sleeping in Sin City

Two weeks into the trip, we got a wonderful, wonderful treat. A KING-SIZED BED. When you’ve been sleeping in a van for two weeks, a king-sized bed becomes a mouth-watering, soul-stealing siren. I would’ve done anything that bed told me too. Max out my credit card? You got it. Take my first-born child? You got it – wait does that come with pillows – okay you got it.

We stayed off the strip for our first two nights at the M Resort, which gave me a great opportunity to sleep for 12 hours while Brian played poker downstairs and brought me breakfast in bed. Score. Oh, and we took advantage of the wi-fi and caught up on some LOST (halfway through Season 5 here—dying in between each episode—half the time we’ll pick up some wi-fi at a spot, get ¾ of the way through an episode and lose the signal—torture!). Sounds like a lame first night in Vegas but we needed it, bad! And we made up for it later.

The M pool. Very much over 100 degrees but still somehow bearable?

Joe (Brian’s friend from Chicago) was in town and gave us our first taste of the strip since we were both newbies, and we had fun winning him some money on the craps table. 

The Wynn

What a crazy place. The whole town blew my mind—I don’t even know what to think about all the grandeur and advertising…I mean, do you even have control over your own brain here? By the same token, it’s all so absurd that it’s kind of amazing too.

Without giving you a play-by-play, we did a LOT of walking, played a lot of craps and poker, met up with Brian’s cousin Becky and her new husband Jacob (who are on their own road-trip honeymoon as well), and best of all, had a real live date night with dinner at the Palazzo and then the Cirque show “Love”! I highly, highly recommend this—so much spectacle and sheer childish joy, plus the Beatles obviously make a fantastic soundtrack (I may have sung through the whole thing. Except the two tracks where I slept. Don’t know how that was even possible). Very much worth our money though, and highlight of the trip!

This is the second terrible photo framing job from a third party. 
But that's okay, because we're wearing clothes not covered in dirt!


  1. So jealous you saw the Love show!! Did you get brunch at the Wynn, because if not I wish I had told you to. UHmazing. Glad you got to have a great experience in Vegas...but still did not gamble away your yet-to-be-conceived first-born-child. :)

  2. ha - i totally know how you feel - it's such a weird, sensory-overload experience! and actually, i once fell asleep in cirque du soleil too! who knows how because that stuff is friggin crazy!

  3. jealous! The only thing keeping me going is knowing that I'll be there in December. SO GLAD you loved it! Missssss you!