Saturday, July 24, 2010

A porter in Portland

We cruised into Portland with no plan. After a little googling, I figured out that the Oregonians are big on their microbreweries, and there are a ton in downtown P, so I picked one out for lunch. While looking for parking, we realized that there was a festival going on. Interesting. We looked closer and realized it's the Beer 'N Burgers Festival. Now you're speaking my language!

Our tickets got us 5 different burgers and 7 different local beer tasters, and we got to chat with lots of locals (who informed us that it was unusually beautiful weather, thus confirming that we are good luck weather gods). So fun!

Broiled slider stuffed with mozzarella, pepperoncini, and beer-braised onions.

On our way out of town, we started looking into white-water rafting and an hour later had a trip booked for the next day just outside of Hood River (about an hour east of the city)! We started scoping out a place to spend the night when we realized that the Naked Winery was in Hood River, which is where our friend Kim ordered our wedding gift from (bottles of wine, naturally). What are the chances? After dinner in the town, we popped into the winery to check it out!

It was such a cute place, with live music and lots of young people. The staff was really sweet and friendly, and they seem to have a strong company culture. A culture that involves giving us free wine glasses and wine tastings! Ah, it's good to be a newlywed.