Thursday, July 29, 2010

Seattle's wake up call

Going in/out of cities when you’ve been camping feels sort of weird, because suddenly you realize you probably should have opted for the shower, and things cost money again, and it’s not quiet anymore, and you have cell service! Also, the national parks have awesome newspapers that give you tons of information about what you should see and how to get there…they take care of most of your questions. But in a city, it’s a free-for-all—and when you’re not in the market of building itineraries in advance, it can be a little overwhelming. Hence why we wandered around Seattle.

We got some coffee from Tully’s (delish) and spent some time walking around the Pike Place Market, which would definitely be my go-to spot for flowers if I was local.


Flying fish!

During the afternoon, we lazed around in the grass at the Seattle Center, a big public park that contains the science/rock museums, fairgrounds, and the Space Needle. And most importantly, PUBLIC WI-FI! Oh and some pretty cool public art.

From there we concocted our next move…to see the Mariners play the White Sox at Safeco Field a few miles away! We found a $5 parking spot in a lot near the stadium, and the attendant said it was fine if we left our car there overnight (adding that it was the cheapest camping spot we’d ever find…almost true), so we got a 2-for-1 deal J The game was fun*, etc., and then we returned to our home for the night. Completely ignoring the then-desolate train tracks approximately 100 feet away from the van.

Fast forward to 3:11 a.m. when HEY-O THE TRAIN RUNS ALL NIGHT SURPRISE!!!!!!

And we were truly sleepless in Seattle.

*Brian got great seats (for a great price) behind home plate from a scalper, which led to me learning that he once recorded a pilot TV show about scalping tickets. Just married, still learning.

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