Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pleasure Way

We didn’t name it that, but we’re definitely going with it.

Meet our humble abode on wheels for the next six weeks: the Dodge-Ascent-turned-camper-van-and-retitled-Pleasure-Way!

Picking up the PW, complete with our first and last magnum of Cook’s!
A little honeymoon gift from the owners.

Once we settled on the plan, we then realized said plan was going to majorly hinge on how we would get there and, you know, where we would sleep. The essentials.

After thinking about car-camping for the whole trip (this idea persisted all too long), then exploring the wonderful world of teardrop trailers, and finally started to look at VW buses, we miraculously encountered a family close to Austin that was leasing out this camper van. After some negotiation, they agreed to work with our budget and here we are!!!

Would you like a tour?

More details:
The van can run off propane, car battery, or a generator; gets decent mileage for its size; has an air conditioner; can be used at an RV Park or for dry camping; and oh yeah is awesome. The awning is an added bonus.

Hosting LB's weekly girls happy hour in/around the van

In short, we love it. And we don’t even have to come up with a new name, because honestly, could you even think of anything better??

First stop this weekend: Ruidoso, NM!

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  1. Pretty awesome! The seats look super comfy :)