Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oh oh sed-oh-na

Since we loved Cave Springs so much, we decided to stay an extra night and go into Sedona to explore. The town itself is the place to get your palms/crystals/auras read, and aside from one bar that we graced to watch USA loooooose, it seems like a hot spot for 60-somethings girls' trips.

However. Those red red rocks. This place is amazingly beautiful!!!! There are a bajillion hiking trails to choose from, so we picked two and spent a few hours up amongst the rock formations, found a few geocaches, and just generally walked around with our jaws open. In-credible views! If I were older and had a penchant for turquoise jewelry, I’d live here.

A long day of hiking called for one of our best meals yet – green chile chicken baked potatoes with grilled onions and bacon. At CafĂ© DesGranges, these things just happen. I don’t know where they come from, and I have nothing to do with it, save putting out forks or chopping onions. Divinity!

Actually I take that back, that’s the day I learned how to saw wood. You know, just another day on the road.

Basically every night is a personal challenge to Brian to make the BEST FIRE EVER IN THE HISTORY OF FIRES. I believe he succeeded here. 

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